Students for rivers camps

Interdisciplinary river conservation camps that unite young university students for river celebration and protection.

What are Students for Rivers camps?

Students in front of a glass board with post-it-notes thinking of solutions on how to restore the river landscapes at the Students for Rivers camp.
Students for Rivers camp drawing by Vera Knook

Students for Rivers Camps (SRCs) are week- (or two week-) long programs designed to bring together university students from a wide range of  disciplines to celebrate and protect rivers.

Participants from around the world join to learn about river conservation from different perspectives, and to turn their diverse knowledge into action. SRCs provide a safe space for dialogue and the opportunity to collaborate on transdisciplinary projects merging art, science, and activism.

For many, SRCs are an entry-point into a career in river conservation, fueling a passion that lasts a lifetime.

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With every camp we aim to contribute to the protection of the river that we visit. We are looking forward to welcoming motivated groups of students at our upcoming locations.


Join a network of river lovers: students, artists, researchers, activists, and athletes on a quest to turn their knowledge and passion into action.

River Collective Organise your own camp drawing by Vera Knook
Newsletter icon hand drawn by Vera Knook from the River Collective.

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