The Valley

A ‘serious game’, designed by Kasper Sluiter from the TU Delft. Through consecutive scenarios, this game shows the widespread presence of corruption in the world of hydropower development and river conservation.

the corruption 

The game can be played by 6 people, who take the roles of the investment bank, the mayor, the company, an activist or a local of the riverside village. It is a useful tool for schools and universities as well as for organisations that operate in countries where corruption prevails. It demonstrates the complexity of corruption and how these challenges can be overcome.

The game was created for the first Students for Rivers Camp that took place in Slovenia. Throughout the development of the game, various versions passed the revue, including a board game version, a party version and a card version. We are hoping to do a new iteration of the game so we can make it available for further educational purposes.

River Collective Organise your own camp drawing by Vera Knook

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River Collective Member drawing by Vera Knook
River Collective Kayaker drawing by Vera Knook