SRC Dart

For this first UK based SRC, held on the River Dart and Estuary, south-west England, the River Collective took a new direction through a source-to-sea exploration of the Dart, combining science, art and community empowerment for an interdisciplinary and intercultural education.
Date: 3rd – 10th September 2023
Place: Dart, United Kingdom

What is the Dart SRC?

A week-long programme of workshops, lectures and practical fieldwork training engaged students in the protection of free-flowing and thriving rivers and coastal ecosystems. The SRC base was located along the banks of the winding
River Dart at Schumacher College in Dartington, Devon, where participants returned to each day after learning from local river and coastal communities, researchers, artists and experts, inspiring creative collaborations between participants and students of the MA Movement, Mind and Ecology programme at Schumacher College.

At the heart of the Students for Rivers Camp on the Dart was the desire to facilitate captivating field trips and
hands-on experiences that transformed our students into river stewards. With support from Dartmoor National Park,
the Field Studies Council and Dynamic Adventures, students were introduced to the diverse array of habitat
types found along the Dart’s waters. We explored the restorative measures of the Dartmoor Headwaters natural
flood management project and supported students in practicing their river bioblitz skills ahead of the global
Home River Bioblitz event.

Students for Rivers camp drawing by Vera Knook