SRC Oetz

The Students for Rivers Camp in the Ötztal Valley, Austria, was a week-long gathering where the River Collective engaged young university students in the protection of free-flowing and healthy rivers through interdisciplinary and intercultural education, combining science, art and action. 
Date: 4-11 Sept. 2022
Place: Oetz River, Austria

What is the Oetz SRC?

In collaboration with WET (Wildwasser Erhalten Tirol) and WWF Austria, we hosted 25 bachelor, master and PhD students from around Europe and from a diverse range of disciplines. The SRC was located along the banks of the alpine Ötztaler Ache River. Here participants learned through workshops and lectures, from each other’s experiences, and from the local river-defending community, inspiring creative collaborations between participants.

The SRC gathered 25 students with geographical origins spanning from Mexico to India, studying in Institutions from Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, Italy, Slovenia, Albania, and the UK. With diverse backgrounds reaching from Geography to International Land and Water Management, and from Comparative Literature to Architecture, the participants brought a wealth of knowledge to share. The invited experts shared their knowledge and experience from fields as varied as ecology, history, geography, education, river protection, civil society, landscape design, cartography, and climate action, which created a collaborative environment in which everyone had a chance to learn new perspectives on river protection.

Students for Rivers camp drawing by Vera Knook