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Join the movement to turn knowledge into action by organizing your own Students for River Camp (SRC). Each SRC brings together 30 Bachelor, Master, and PhD students for a transformative week-long summer school experience. Our outdoor classrooms provide the perfect setting for exploring river conservation topics from diverse perspectives. Together, we create an open space for interdisciplinary learning and project development, focusing on rivers under threat or in need of restoration. Ready to merge art, science, and activism with fellow river enthusiasts? It’s time to lead your own SRC!

Why Orga­nize an SRC?

By spearheading an SRC, you don’t just create an unforgettable experience for your peers; you embark on a journey of personal and professional growth. As you assemble an international, transdisciplinary team, invite expert speakers, and collaborate with other river initiatives, you expand your network and lay the foundation for a career in river conservation.

Beyond academia, you’ll hone essential skills in finance, fundraising, communication, team-building, and logistics. And throughout the journey, you’ll forge lifelong river friendships.

River Collective Member drawing by Vera Knook

Your SRC Team

You will be part of a dynamic team of six members, including a Head Chief, Finance Chief, Communications Chief, Outreach Chief, Logistics Chief, and Program Chief. Ideally, some live close to the camp’s area, but others come from further to ensure a range of perspectives. Even if you don’t spot a camp near your area, you can still join a team elsewhere! We strongly recommend a team weekend for bonding and brainstorming, fostering a collaborative spirit essential for success.

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Time Invest­ment

Embarking on an SRC journey requires commitment. From inception to execution, plan for at least a year, with an additional six months for fundraising. Workload increases closer to the camp, from 3 hours per week initially to 15 hours per week leading up to the event. Choose a date at least 1.5 years in advance, and we’ll guide you through the logistics and planning process.

River Collective Support

Team Formation



Financial Management

Workshop Development


As part of the River Collective community, you’ll benefit from our wealth of experience in organizing six successful SRCs. While you’ll have autonomy in crafting your week-long program, we offer invaluable support in team formation, fundraising, outreach, financial management, workshop development, and networking.

A dedicated River Collective team member will be your guiding light, offering assistance and advice throughout your journey.

While organizing an SRC is a voluntary endeavor, we recognize the varied circumstances of our team members. You and your team are responsible for securing funding, including a modest stipend to compensate for your hard work. Additionally, the aim is to cover all costs, including travel and accommodation for the camp and pre-team weekend.

Team Compen­sation

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