SRC Home

In 2020, the Students for Rivers Camp was held online. A week of inspiration, learning, participation, and activities on people’s home river with one common goal: to protect the last remaining wild rivers of Europe through brainstorming, knowledge transfer, and sharing expertise. 
Date: September 2020
Place: Online

What is the Home SRC?

“Act local, think global” became the reality of the 2020 Students for Rivers Camp. Although planned to take place in the Lim Valley in Montenegro, we had to adapt to the current situation and got creative by bringing the Students for Rivers Camp to everyone’s living room and local community. Here, we would like to look back at an inspiring week that brought together river lovers from all corners of the world to discuss, learn, and explore ways to put knowledge into action for their free-flowing and healthy rivers.

The week consisted of several modules, taking place either online or organized locally. The activities that were organized locally were called “Do It Yourself” (DIY) events. Everyone was invited to either immerse themselves in the full program or select a few events in which to participate. Almost 100 people registered from 35 different countries, which shows that people around the world are hungry to protect their free-flowing, healthy rivers.

Students for Rivers camp drawing by Vera Knook